David Norman for Division 10 councillor in Fraser Coast Regional Council

I’ll be our community voice… Independent of Party politics.
Self-funded with no corporate, public, or political donations accepted.
Please let me know what issues you want me tackle head-on on your behalf.

Welcome all !

I’m David Norman and I am running as a community-focused candidate for the Division 10 (Urangan) of our Fraser Coast Regional Council.  Many locals know I ran as an Independent candidate for our Division of Hinkler in last year’s Federal election, because I was sick of the corrupt and self-serving interests of political Parties and wanted to be a genuine representative of the people. Since then I have been given good advice from local people who know me, urging I could do the most good for our local community and region, if I was elected to represent the people of my local division and the wider Fraser Coast region.

Many of you may not be aware that political Parties are getting their claws into local and regional community governance, by sponsoring their own candidates into local councils. Like many other Australians I am sick and tired of the major Federal and State political Parties corruptly looking after big business and their own political and personal interests, at the expense of average hard working people like you. They themselves have all just become corporate, ‘big business’ entities that look after multinational and big business donors. Their own success is placed above all all else. We don’t need their self-serving interests in our local community governance as well.

I am now standing as a totally politically Independent candidate at the regional council election. I will diligently work to stamp out all forms of corruption, dishonesty and political bias in local government. I will be a genuine councillor of the people, for the people putting forward ideas, proposals and only supporting actions that benefit the people of Urangan and the wider Fraser Coast. It is way past time the average community members had a real voice and more say in the future of our great suburb and region.

Don’t let Party politics, big developers or corporate greed over-ride what is best for the residents.
They rely on the average person not being interested in local policy making, or feeling powerless to make a difference.
Elect to council someone that really cares about putting the people of our community first.

I am in the process of creating a new video specifically relating to my regional council Div 10 (Urangan) campaign.

The era of only the well-connected, wealthy influential people forcing their opinions, rules and regulations upon the the average citizen is over.
Now is the time where genuine care and consideration must the priority of those elected to represent us.
All people, young and old, must have a real voice in how the Fraser Coast is governed.

Do YOU agree with these statements?
  • The average local resident doesn’t feel they have a legitimate say in council decisions effecting them.
  • We need to restore trust and transparency in all forms of governance, including local councils.
  • Federal, State and many Local governments are somewhat out of touch with local community needs.
  • The major political parties’ priority is looking after their own interests.
  • There is too much restrictive & unnecessary government regulation controlling the people of Australia.
  • Governments and councils have the general image of being secretive, dishonest or misleading in their decisions that effect the average citizen.
  • We need honest councillors and politicians with integrity that actually do care about the average hard-working community citizen and puts the interests of the community first.
Then be someone that takes action. Register your support and Vote for David Norman for Councillor (Div 10 - Urangan)
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