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Welcome all !

I’m David Norman and now my primary intention is to run as an Independent candidate for the federal seat of Hinkler.  I have been given good advice from people expert in political affairs that I could do the most good for the people of Hinkler, Queensland and Australia, if I would be the federal member for my own division of Hinkler.

Like many other Australians I am sick and tired of the major political parties corruptly looking after big business and their own political and personal interests, at the expense of average hard working people like you. They themselves have all just become corporate, ‘big business’ entities that look after multinational and big business donors. Their own success is placed above all all else.

My intention to run as an Independent candidate at the next Federal election, is so I can work from inside the system to stamp out all corruption and dishonesty in government and help change the system. I will be a genuine MP of the people, for the people. It is way past time the average Australian had a real voice and more say in the governing of our great country… before it’s too late!

Time is running out fast!
If you also have had a gut full of the self-serving interests, childish and corrupt behaviour, and bowing to the big end of town, of politicians and the main political parties over the last few decades, then I will need all of you (and your friends) to register your support by filling out the form below and then promote the heck out of my efforts to win the seat of Hinkler.

You can check the boundaries of Hinkler at this link:

(Your details will not be shared with anyone else)

The major political parties have imposed their WILL over the Australian public for way too long.
They rely on the average person not being interested in politics or feeling powerless to make a difference.
Put people in government that really care about putting  Australian people first.

The era of only the old, out-of-touch, elitist and well-to-do people forcing their opinions and unjust laws and regulations upon the the average Australian is over.
Now is the time where genuine care and consideration must the priority of those elected to represent us.
All people, young and old, must have a voice in how Australia is governed.

Do YOU agree with these statements?
  • The average Australian is not considered, nor has a legitimate say in political decisions effecting them.
  • Recent governments are out of touch with it’s people’s needs.
  • The major political parties’ priority is looking after their own interests.
  • There is too much restrictive & unnecessary government regulation controlling the people of Australia.
  • Successive governments have been secretive, dishonest or misleading in their deals that effect the Australian people.
  •  Hard working Australian’s pay more tax because big multi-national companies and banks aren’t forced to pay all the tax they should.
  • Australia sends too much of our hard-earned tax revenue overseas instead of helping our own people in need first.
  • Too many of Australia’s assets and land is allowed to be sold to foreign owners.
  • We need honest politicians with integrity that actually do care about the average hardworking Australian and puts their interests first.
Then be someone that takes action & register your support right NOW!
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