A bit of info and history about me (David Norman)

I was born and raised on a 4000 acre property near Monto, in the North Burnett area of Queensland. We initially had dairy and beef cattle, with a small heard of free-range pigs to supplement our income and food supply. We also had about 120 acres of cultivation for grain crops (usually a rotation of sorghum, corn and peanuts).

Form a very young age us kids were expected to work as hard as we could before and after school with dairying and other jobs around the property. We were often up at daybreak and not back into the house until after dark. Being the eldest son, soon as I could balance on a horse I was taught to ride and muster beef cattle, drive the farm truck and tractor to help work the property. We certainly weren’t wealthy and often struggled from year to year to make bank overdraft payments and make ends meet. As kids we often didn’t have shoes to wear around the property or even to school, which was not uncommon for rural kids in the region.

My parents separated when I was in early high school and my brother and I stayed with my father on property to help out as much as possible. Things were tough and we learned many lessons about hard work and having to do what it takes, making do with what you had, valuing what you had and using your initiative and common sense to live life. You valued that the community freely and selflessly supported each other in times of hardship and celebrated together in good times and individual achievements. Given the constant work required on a dairy and cattle property, we could rarely get away for holidays. However, ever since I was a young kid we would manage to get away every few years for  4-5 days and spend time with relatives at Hervey Bay. Since those days and after moving here permanently in 1982, I have seen massive changes to this region over that time.


Grade 1 was spent at a 2-room school called Tellebang and when it closed at the end of that year I spent the rest of my primary school at Mulgildie. I attended the nearest high school at Monto before leaving after Grade 11 to college. I spent five years at Queensland University (Queensland Agricultural College) campus, completing Animal Husbandry and Associate Diploma in Stock & Meat Inspection qualifications. I would later also complete tertiary qualifications in Applied Science – Food Technologies at those facilities.

During my working life I have also completed many other formal qualifications via external study including in, a Diploma in Business, and in other fields  such as Management Systems Auditing, Risk Management, Quality Assurance & Auditing, Leadership, Developing High Performance Teams, Performance Coaching, Safety Investigations, and others.


My first job was as a Queensland State Meat Inspector regulating abattoirs, cold stores, meat markets and butcher shops and moved to Hervey Bay with that work in 1982.

I then transferred to the Commonwealth Government in the same field of work. During this employment I also worked inspecting and auditing export food processing establishments, products and vessels mainly in the seafood sector, mainly in the Hervey Bay / Bundaberg area, though also at times covered an area from Yeppoon to Tin Can Bay and out to Monto/Biloela.

After 17 years in the food regulation/inspection sector, I left and started my own part-time small export food processing consulting business (in the Bundaberg/Hervey bay area), which I have continued doing through to today.

After a few years I joined the Qld Government-owned Corporation, Ergon Energy, first as a Meter Reader, then Meter Reading Supervisor for the Wide Bay region, then the Supervisor for the Meter Data Processing analytical team for the State. After 13 years, when Ergon was looking to downsize I took a redundancy offer, to focus on creating an online web-based program to help people with alcohol dependence (based on a published book on the subject I had written).

Now, between my small business/personal ventures and some other casual work, I am dedicating my time to running as an Independent candidate, to give me the very best chance of representing the people of Hinkler, Queensland and Australia in our Federal parliament.

My suitability to represent the people of Hinkler, Queensland and Australia in parliament.

I believe the ideal qualities of a person to represent the people of Hinkler, Queensland and Australia are:

  • To have the interests of all Hinkler and Australian citizens as their primary focus. Especially the average person that works hard, contributes to the local and Australian community and pays taxes into the government revenue to be spent on behalf of Australian citizens.
  • To have an enthusiasm to listen to the people of Hinkler, to understand both their desires and frustrations, and a passion to serve their will and protect their rights, freedoms and prosperity.
  • To diligently serve the people with the utmost honesty and integrity and not be influenced by any others (from government, corporate or private sectors), to take any action or make any decision that isn’t in the best interest of my electorate and the Australian people.
  • To have a level of intellectual and emotional intelligence, to not only understand the technical side of complex existing and proposed legislation, also to ensure the moral and emotional intention behind the legislation is preserved.
  • To preferably have life experience and a good appreciation of various work, business and personal situations that everyday people encounter and may need support and empathy with.

The reason I am passionate to run for an Independent MP is I’m sick of the self-serving BS and backroom deals that the major Parties and a lot of politicians get involved in and know that I definitely fulfill all the qualities of someone that should be supporting the Australian people.

  • I was raised on a cattle property and know what it is like to go without many comforts that others take for granted. I know what it is like to work from daylight to dark in the hot Queensland sun and how overworked and under appreciated people who work and live in rural communities are. I have experienced the difficulties that remote distances and lack of public infrastructure and services can bring. I have also lived and worked in cities and appreciate the considerations people living and working in those communities need.
  • I have been a rural public school student, as well as tertiary campus and remote learning student and appreciate the difficulties they can experience during that time of their life and in finding employment afterwards.
  • I have experienced many employment and work situations, having worked on a dairy, small stock, cattle and cropping property, as  general labourer, employed by both the Commonwealth and State governments in professional and management positions, owned and managed my own business, worked in full-time, part-time and casual jobs and at times have been without work when I really wanted and needed to.
  • I have experienced both the joys and difficulties of relationships; marriage; buying a first home; having and raising children; juggling work, childcare and school activities; engaging with health and other insurance companies; planning and investing for future retirement; and many other life experiences that the people of Australia have challenges with.
  • As with most young people starting out on life’s journey, I lived my post high school years hard and fast. I learned many life lessons by making poor choices and mistakes and having to deal with the consequences. However, as the years progressed I took a keen interest in studying personal and professional development and subsequently reset my personal compass based on strong ethics and values of honesty, integrity, respect and of being a service to others wherever possible. This personal code of ethics serves me well in all areas of my life and gives me great personal satisfaction living my life that way.
  • From my formal academic and hands-on training in the likes of leadership, developing high performance teams etc. I have a great understanding and appreciation that effective communication and being of value to others, is based around first genuinely listening to them. Good leaders and people wishing to represent others know this and live by it. Politicians in general (past and present) seem more interested in deciding they know best what others want or ‘need’ and then forcing it upon them. This is not how I operate and will always have an open door for all Australians to tell me their real needs and desires.
  • If there is one thing that annoys me most about the state of governance in Australia, it is the major political Parties catering to the will and influence of big business, at the expense of everyday Australian people. Without these everyday people government coffers would be empty and big business companies would not exist. It is and always should be the people of Australia that matters most. My reason and focus of running as an Independent candidate for Hinkler is to protect and support the needs and the will of the people of Hinkler and Australia.