• To support or introduce policy, local laws, regulations, or rules amendments, that are of real benefit to my Division of Urangan and the people of the Fraser Coast.
  • Be diligent in working against corruption, malpractice and injustice within all areas of council governance, business, and the private sector. All awareness of corruption, malpractice and injustice will be brought to the attention of relevant authorities, and the public as permitted.
  • If elected to council I will ensure I put the interests of the local community ahead of any corporate, commercial, political or personal interests. The best interests of rate-payers and residents must be placed ahead of any other interest.
  • If successfully elected to council I will honour my values and conduct myself with honesty, integrity and professionalism at all times.
Rates & Fees
  • It is a fact that federal and state governments don’t own any money. It is all money that they have collected from citizens within their jurisdictions, by way of taxes, rates and other imposed fees and charges. It is the peoples money and they have been elected to oversee the management and administration of our money.
  • It is my pledge, that as an elected representative of the people of Urangan and the wider Fraser Coast, to only make and support decisions and actions that spend this money on infrastructure and services that truly benefit the rate-payers and people of our community.
  • I will work hard to ensure all rates and charges imposed on our Fraser Coast community are kept to the minimum to cover our regions expenditure requirements and to sustain expected future growth in residential population, employment opportunity and tourism.
  • To make sure a majority of the money received from fees and charges imposed on certain activities or services goes into funds used to benefit those actual areas and to the people who utilise them. Not just into a general revenue to be spent on other areas of possibly no interest to those paying the fees or charges.
  • Where possible align any necessary fees or charges to a ‘user pays’ system, so those not using a service or product aren’t liable to be funding something they don’t use.
Public Spending
  • Prioritise spending of our public funds (our rates and charges) to areas that benefit most people and the future of us as a region. Areas such as roads, drainage, sewage, parks and public recreation areas, public parking and traffic flow are important areas of particular importance.
  • Back and action the community request for a review and independent investigation for the need of a current proposal to relocate the FCRC administration centre from Tavistock St Torquay to Hillyard St Piabla. There appears to be plenty of land available at the current location to allow expansion well into the future.
    Also review and question the need for the development of a new Maryborough administration building in Kent Street.
  • Back and action the community request for a review and independent investigation into the Toogoom rock wall suitability and contract issue. There remains serious unanswered questions in relation to the appointment of the contractor, and the administration of the contract, including questions of corrupt payments made for work not completed and materials never delivered.
  • I have had previous engagement with council in the planning and maintenance of the Hervey Bay esplanade. It is one of Hervey Bay’s key draw-cards and public places for tourists and locals alike. It is essential to maintain a balance of natural flora and fauna and developed and kept grassed areas for public recreation. I believe this can be managed in a way that protects the environment, prevents human-caused erosion and maximises the attractiveness and public use of this area. Unless I was presented with very compelling evidence, I don’t support any further commercial or other buildings of a non-public utility nature on the beach side of the esplanade.
  • I have been involved in the residential input into the management and planning of Urangan and Hervey Bay’s sewage and waste water strategies for the medium to long term future.  As the city of Hervey Bay continues to at the rate it is, we need to ensure all our essential infrastructure is in place to need the increasing demand. There are areas existing areas prone to flooding and current bottle-necks in traffic flow that need to be resolved as a priority. I will listen to the resident’s needs and work diligently to have them actioned and satisfied.
  • Tourism is a major part of our region’s attraction and employment category. I am keen to work with existing and new business operators in this sector to boost the opportunities available in our region. Of course whale-watching, Fraser Island, local heritage, our family, fishing and water-sport friendly beaches are key attractions, though I believe there are many more opportunities that could be supported and developed throughout the region.
  • As one example, I keep hearing from locals that the Urangan Pier could be further developed and utilised. Suggestions have been to add another section to the ocean end that would support commercial activities like a restaurant/cafe/coffee house etc. and shelter sheds for family picnics and BBQs. Perhaps a small heritage-style electric train & carriages could take people out and back.
    I remember well when the extended part of the original pier was still operating and there were large buildings out there that we used to visit. I appreciate it was aging and deemed dangerious at the time it was demolished, though I don’t think the potential for a tourist and heritage draw-card was fully appreciated. Perhaps investment in renovations at that time would have been money well spent.
Environmental Concerns
  •  Our region’s environment is one of the reasons people come to visit the Fraser Coast. We have clean waterways and coastal areas with an abundance of different flora and fauna habitats and ecosystems. Away from the coast we have vast fertile country supporting a diversity of rural, agriculture and tourism interests. Throughout the region we truly have something of interest for everyone considering coming to our area. Increasingly people are looking to either visit or move to areas such as ours for good health, lifestyle and great climate reasons.
    I believe it is essential that we manage and protect our regional environment as a valuable asset to all of us that call it home and those that desire to visit.
  • I also wish to state up front that I do not support fracking on the Fraser Coast (or anywhere else for that matter). I appreciate that the mining and gas industries supply employment to many people and as the world moves towards more environmentally-friendly and sustainable energy sources, these jobs will need to be transitioned to other sectors or within the clean energy sectors.
    However, I believe fracking is an invasive and destructive process that contaminates underground natural aquifers and waterways. There is a massive amount of literature and evidence to support the claims that the flow-on effects from fracking ruins the environment both below and above the ground.
Regional Employment
  • The Fraser Coast, like many regional electorates, has an ongoing battle with unemployment. In fact from the report I saw it has the highest unemployment stats in Queensland. There aren’t enough permanent or casual jobs for the people looking for them. There is always the desire to attract new industries to the region and bolster existing ones. The steadfast horticulture/agriculture, sugar, manufacturing, building, fishing and tourism industries in the area are now being increasingly supplemented by health care and aged/disability care services. The commonwealth and state governments along with regional councils also employ many people throughout the region.

  • This is where governments and local councils used to support regional communities more than they do now. Years ago, before both Commonwealth and State governments started down the path of selling off and privatising government-owned assets, many people in local towns and communities were employed by government or local councils. Young kids often got trade apprenticeships or office jobs with these employers straight out of school and continued in these careers most of their lives. It was taxpayers’ money going back into the communities it was generated from, in a supportive cycle. Now, after the attempt to cut government expenditure (to sell to the voters how good the books looked), by selling off and privatising these jobs, a lot of these jobs have gone. Private companies run to maximise profit for their owners or shareholders and if it isn’t profitable enough they won’t continue in that area. Public assets, services and employment that could be run at a break-even, or even slight loss under a government (because it was public money spent in the community for the public service), was not now attractive to the profit-driven private enterprises. The flow-on consequences are if the service is required in the area the people have to pay extra for it to sustain the profit viability to the company.
  • Apart from government and regional council incentives to drive expansion of new and existing industries, I endorse local council and government-owned or sponsored services that create jobs in the region. Colleges like TAFE that train young and old people in trades and real-world jobs need support to provide affordable training in the region. These local institutions themselves provide jobs in the region.
    Also provide financial incentives for small business employers that get delivered when actual full-time jobs get created.

Health and Medicine
  • I will not support any future proposal to reintroduce fluoridation of this region’s public water supply. I do not believe any person has the right to force another person to take or inject into their body any substance they do not wish to have. The right to choose and control what a person puts in their body must always remain with the individual and there should be no mandating, intimidation or coercion to do so against their wishes. This is a basic human right that no government or local council has the right to remove.
    In the case of fluoride, if individuals wish to ingest this then they have the option of taking fluoride tablets which are available from a pharmacy.
  • Australia’s health system and medical ‘industry’ should not be governed or dictated to by the pharmaceutical industry organisations and their lobby groups, rather a large board of vetted independent experts from a range of health fields and disciplines, including scientific and alternate natural fields. We need to ensure all avenues and options to promote health are available to the public to choose from. The ultimate right to choose how to care for one’s body should always remain with the individual and never be forces or dictated.

  • All drugs, medicines, vaccines and other artificiality created substances commercially manufactured to ‘treat’ people, should be independently trialled and tested and proven safe for people to use, before they are released. This is now not the case. Also, if people choose to use naturally occurring medicinal substances for legitimate personal health care reasons, then this should be there prerogative.

Our Australian Constitution
  • To ensure the Constitution of the Australian Commonwealth (i.e. Section 9 of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900) is adhered to from both a legal and moral sense.
  • Bring to the attention of people any inconsistencies in Commonwealth, State and local council laws that have been made in contrary to our overarching and binding Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900.
  • Recommend that a system be investigated where the citizens of Australian can instigate and mandate a referendum to have changes or additions made to the Constitution, or laws of the country, to better serve the will of the people.
  • We need to formally recognise and empower Australia’s indigenous people within the constitution and in all levels of governance. Australia was already populated by aboriginal people for many thousands of years before European arrival and settlement. This needs to be officially accepted at a national and local governance level.

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2 thoughts on “Local Council Objectives”

  1. If elected what are your ten most important things you will achieve for Division 10 that will make significant difference to the people of Division 10???

    Why haven’t we seen you out meeting the residents of Division 10???

    What are your views on Climate Change and Mining??

    1. Hi Wayne

      Thanks for taking an interest in my candidacy for councillor of Division 10.

      As a genuine council representative of the people of Div 10, it will be my job to determine what are most important things that the electorate want to have actioned and then fight to have those prioritised and resolved. Sure I have some ideas and opinions on general and specific matters around the Urangan and Fraser Coast region, though my opinion should always be just one of the collective. Just to briefly mention a few I personally believe; rates need to be reduced /frozen until clear independent evidence proves otherwise; our foreshore and green spaces need protection from degradation or development; need to attract new industries and business opportunities that create jobs and income flow-on effects; change the town planning scheme to ensure that high-rise buildings are restricted to low-rise and aren’t permitted in places that detract from the aesthetic appeal and attraction of individual areas; I’m not supportive of the current proposal to move the council administration headquarters from Tavistock to Hillyard St; streets and roads upkeep ad traffic flow improvements need to be done, flood and drainage works to be done; plus many more.

      During my approaches and conversations with people of Div 10, so far I have compiled a two page list of issues and concerns that residents have and these should be fleshed out in more and wider discussions. As expected, I have found that not everyone agrees on how different issues should be resolved and it will be part of my job to determine the majority view. To do this I will be using a number of feedback strategies including; holding public meetings before every council meeting, so the Div 10 residents can discuss and voice their views on each agenda item that will be actioned at the next council meeting; facilitate public meetings on specific matters of concern that require individual attention; gather feedback via my Facebook Group called The Urangan Voice; and be contactable by email, phone and face-to-face on case by case issues as they arise.

      As mentioned, I have learned through work and life experience, that not everyone will agree and you can never please everyone. Also that, I am not the subject matter expert on many subjects and my opinions and standpoints can change when presented with information and ideas that I wasn’t previously aware of. There are many people in each community much more knowledgeable in certain matters that the people that represent them. That is the value of actually engaging and consulting the community members that I will ‘represent’, to gather their input and determine the collective will and way forward. Once I do so you won’t find anyone more committed than me to pursue that the community will is resolved in council administration.

      On your comment about not being seen; since before the election was called I have been at street-side ‘meet & greets’ virtually every day and some afternoons (barring bad weather). I have had my marquee up on the cnr of Moolyyir and Elizabeth St from 6am to 4pm every Saturday and near the Botanical Gardens in Elizabeth St on Sunday 6.30am to 2pm. I have many people stop in to talk and say hello and many more wave and toot their acknowledgement. I have knocked on some doors (not all) when doing my signage rounds and I have met with different people on their request on issues they wanted to discuss. At this point in the campaign I can’t spread myself any thinner than I am, without compromising other necessary things I have to attend to. I don’t have a support crew that some candidates aligned to political Parties may have. I am completely self-funded and attempting to do as much as I can myself.

      Your question on climate change and mining sits squarely in the State and Federal court. I do have statements about my view on this on the Federal Political Objectives page of my website that was more relevant during my campaign as an Independent candidate for Hinkler last year. I would like to refer you to that for more detail.

      Anyway, my responses is fairly lengthy as is, though if you have any other queries, or Div 10 issues you would like to raise, you can add them to The Urangan Voice Group page if you like.

      Kind regards,

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